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Whispers At Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

From Wiki: Even at a camp for supernatural teens, Kylie Galen has never been normal. Not only can she see ghosts, but she doesn’t seem to belong to any one species — she exhibits traits from them all. As Kylie struggles to unlock the secrets of her identity, she begins to worry that Lucas will never be able to accept her for what she is, and what she isn’t… a werewolf. With his pack standing in their way, Kylie finds herself turning more and more to Derek, the only person in her life who’s willing to accept the impossible.
As if life isn't hard enough, she starts getting visits from the ghost of Holiday, her closest confidante. Trouble is, Holiday isn't dead... not yet anyway. Now Kylie must race to save one of her own from an unseen danger before it's too late - all while trying to stop her relationships with Lucas from slipping away forever. In a world of constant confusion, there's only one thing Kylie knows for sure: Change is inevitable and all things must come to an end... maybe even her time at Shadow Falls.

Character List
From Shadow Falls Wiki
Kylie Galen
Lucas Parker
Derek Lakes
Della Tsang
Holiday Brandon
Malcolm Summers
Heidi's Sister
Perry Gomez
Mr. Parker
Collin Warren
Hayden Yates
Ava Kane
Clara Parker
Hannah Brandon
Cindy Shaffer
Cold-hearted Ghost
Tom Galen
Mrs. Galen
Cara Muller

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Blog Reopening!

Hey! How are you liking the new blog? I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time; I've been working on my other blog, Emma Reader's Blog (I found a post that I didn't get to finish and post; the summary of Torn. So I'll be doing that now). As you can see, I've made some new changes to the site. It's not the final layout, but it's as good as it's going to get for now.

Let me explain some stuff. Before, I had three tabs with lists of links containing the book summaries I wrote. But I thought that was a waste, so I combined all three lists onto one page. Much better, no? I'm also going to post more book summaries and all that, but not in the exact same format. I probably won't write them, just steal them from Wiki.

That's another thing I have to tell you guys that have only been following this blog (not that many, but I'm going to say it anyway); Information Forest is now going to be a "helper" for my other blog. Helper, as in, used for the needs of Emma Reader's Blog. I had been posting my book reviews on the other blog and realized that I never posted a description of the books. So the people reading the review would have no idea what I was talking about (unless they read the book already themselves). That's probably the biggest change I made, though you might not be able to tell just by looking at it.

But like all changes, I had to delete some stuff. Below is the content that I had to remove from it's original spot on the site, but couldn't stand deleting permanently (jeez, I'm such a packrat!).


Below are various announcements by yours truly. If you want to know when the next book summary is coming out, look here.


Wow. I'm really sorry! I was going to post in last month, and I just kept forgetting! I thought I was only two weeks late, not a whole month! But the Switched summary is posted now, and I didn't even put that much effort into it. I realized that the only reason why I started writing summaries in the first place was because I couldn't find them for the books I wanted in the first place. So, it's up there. I'll be posting the summary for the sequel shortly in a similar format.


Looks like I won't be posting the Switched summary this week. Perhaps next week I will have more time.


I've decided to read Switched; a relatively shorter book compared to the Seven Realms series. At the moment, I'm about fifty pages in. It's not very much, but I hope to post the summary by the end of the week.


I just finished typing up the Exiled Queen summary! Talk about tiring. I wrote twenty pages worth of summary information, but I was just so tired of this that I edited big chunks of the story out of the summary. It still is a very long one though. One of these days I'm going to have to go back and edit each one. Hopefully my summaries will get shorter.


I'm finishing up The Exiled Queen today. I should be able to post the summary as early as tomorrow!

About Site 

Welcome to my site.

If you randomly stumbled across this site, heard a friend talking about it, etc, you probably don't know what this is all about. After all, the name of my blog isn't that revealing, is it? The truth is, I made this blog without posting anything on it way before I started typing this. Sure, I could have started fresh, but I thought, "What's wrong with this blog?" The answer: nothing. So I kept it.

Now, this blog is about books. If your a fire-breathing, sword-using, marshmallow-eating book hater, I'm kicking you out of my site (virtually, of course). It's mainly for my own use, but I can share. I'll be writing a short (or very, very long) summary about the books I read so that I can remember everything about the books in a series after waiting a year or so for the next book to come out. However, if there is already a suitable summary somewhere in the World Wide Web, then I will be posting that instead. This is not a replacement for reading books!

This idea came a little belated, so I might start writing summaries in the middle of a series. But when I have time (or when I can find the books), I'll fill in the blanks. As far as this making-a-site thing, I have about half a percent of experience. But, as a newbie, I'll try my best to be as informational as possible.

Thanks for reading all this; enjoy!

-Emma Reader

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Torn by Amanda Hocking


From Amanda Hocking's Blog: Wendy thought she finally understood who she was and what she wanted, but everything changes when the rival Vittra come after her.

She's caught between two worlds, torn between love and duty, and she must decide what life she is meant to lead.


From Wiki: The start of the book begins almost exactly where the end of Switched left off, with Wendy and Rhys running away from the palace in the Trylle's Förening. The two arrive at the home and Wendy attempts to explain to her "host brother" Matt that Rhys is his brother. He reacts with disbelief yet she tells him that she cannot tell him where she has been or Finn's part in it all.While in the midst of trying to understand what has happened, Matt finds a disliking towards Rhys.
Later that night, Finn visits her and attempts to convince her to return to Förening with him. She refuses as another tracker, Duncan, shows up with the same goal. Wendy tells both that she will not return to Förening and they leave. Two Vittra members, Loki and Kyra, attack the house as Finn and Duncan leave and take the three to the Vittra palace to the King, in which Wendy is left badly injured by Kyra.While taken as prisoner by the Vittra, Wendy is severally injured and Matt asks a guard to bring in a doctor to heal her.
There (after being healed by a female Vittra), Wendy practises her power of persuasion on Rhys with an unusual side effect. She is taken to the King named Oren who informs her that he is her father and the woman who healed her her step-mother, a result from a prior union with Elora in an attempt to unify the Trylle and the Vittra. Loki allows the three to escape with help from Tove, Duncan and Finn and they return to Förening.
At Förening, Wendy begins classes with Tove, the skilled Markis who possesses grand powers of psychokinesis, to strengthen and control her own power. She is also assigned Duncan as a bodyguard.
One night, Elora alerts everyone nearby to the appearance of a Vittra on their perimeter. It is revealed to be Loki, and Wendy insists on imprisoning him instead of executing him. Wendy's powers begin to grow stronger as does Matt's relationships with Rhys and young Marksinna Willa.
Using her more-controlled powers, Wendy manages to get the location of Finn from Duncan and visits his family home where his mother raises Angora goats and his father is also a tracker. Finn shuns her on the grounds of the prejudice surrounding such a relationship.
Wendy confronts her mother about what Oren told her in her stay at the Vittra palace, to which Elora tells Wendy of her past and the arranged marriage between Wendy's father and her. Elora says that her parents thought of it as a good idea, so she did it without question. She tells Wendy that she has arranged her marriage to Tove to which Wendy objects. Elora begins to bleed from her nose and collapses, later informing her that she is dying from her precognition painting. Wendy learns that the powers used by the trolls age and drain them. Wendy eventually accepts the proposal and the two become engaged.
Wendy then finds that Loki has escaped now that Elora's hold on him has weakened and he asks her to escape both the Vittra and the Trylle with him, knowing she is not happy. Wendy does not accept and instead turns her time to learn the "dead language" of the Trylle so that she can better help the commune. Finn helps her with this until they experience a brief romantic interlude which Finn's father interrupts. Finn leaves, embarrassed and tells her that duty over love was the best choice for him.
The book ends with Tove giving an engagement ring to Wendy and they enter their engagement party together.

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Switched by Amanda Hocking


From Amazon: When Wendy Everly was six years old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. Eleven years later, Wendy discovers her mother might have been right.  She’s not the person she’s always believed herself to be, and her whole life begins to unravel—all because of Finn Holmes.
Finn is a mysterious guy who always seems to be watching her.  Every encounter leaves her deeply shaken…though it has more to do with her fierce attraction to him than she’d ever admit.  But it isn’t long before he reveals the truth:  Wendy is a changeling who was switched at birth—and he’s come to take her home.   
Now Wendy’s about to journey to a magical world she never knew existed, one that’s both beautiful and frightening.  And where she must leave her old life behind to discover who she’s meant to become…


From Wiki: The story begins with a prologue entitled "Eleven Years Ago", in which Wendy recounts her sixth birthday party. She expresses contempt at the gifts of fragile porcelain dolls she does not want. She throws a tantrum at seeing her mother has bought her a chocolate birthday cake, to which her mother asks what sort of child she is. Wendy's mother claims she is not her daughter, and attempts to take her life with the knife she had been using to cut the cake.
In the modern day, we see Wendy as a troubled young woman who struggles in school and has forced her brother, Matt, and aunt, Maggie, to uproot their lives and move away when she is expelled from school yet again. She soliloquises that she has a power of persuasion and thus demonstrates on a threatening teacher. She approaches the mysterious and fellow new-student Finn Holmes after class and asks why he always stares blankly at her.
Finn confirms her host mothers' beliefs of Wendy being a changeling, and tells her that she has to come back to Forening, the troll tribe in which she is from. She refuses until two trolls from an enemy tribe called the Vittra attack her. Finn comes in and saves her, taking her back to Forening .
There, Wendy meets her real mother, Elora, who informs her that she is actually the princess of the tribe, and is the highest rung of society. She meets Rhys and Rhiannon, both something the Trylle call "mänsklig".
Whilst wandering the halls of the Palace, Wendy breaks into a locked room stocked with many undisplayed photos. She recognizes in one of them a sad Elora with a male baby, then realizes one contains herself, wearing a white gown and an injured leg, an horrified expression on her face. Finn discovers her and tells her that Elora's Trylle power consists of precognition that she can only utilise through painting. Finn tells her of the societal rules of the Trylle; whilst the Princess, Queens and Marksinna (nobles) are the highest, the Trackers and mänsklig are considered even lower than the peasantry.
Finn reveals that Elora and his father had once had an affair, to which Wendy expresses disbelief that Elora could show an emotion other than anger.
Finn begins to tutor her in the history and etiquette of the Trylle so that Wendy can properly handle her future role as Queen and not embarrass Elora. He warns Wendy that she cannot become involved with Rhys past a platonic level as it would "corrupt" the bloodline of the royalty, and the strong powers held by the royals would cease to exist. Finn reveals that the mänsklig are the children taken in place of the changelings, that live with the family who swap the children, and Rhys is the mänsklig left in Wendy's place.
An introductory ball is scheduled to be held in Wendy's honour which Finn prepares her for. Elora tells Wendy that she will be choosing a more appropriate name for her Trylle life. Wendy says that she does not want to and will not, much to Elora's annoyance. Elora speaks with Finn and he resigns. Wendy finds him before he goes and the two share a kiss. Finn says that he cannot allow her to proceed.
The next night at Wendy's ball, the Vittra attack, forcing the Trylle that possess helpful powers to retaliate. Jen, the member who had previously injured Wendy when trying to kidnap her, rounds on her. Rhys attempts to help her escape but is knocked unconscious. Finn returns, almost losing his life to aid the princess. Tove, a young Markis, uses psychokinesis to save Finn's life and successfully get rid of Jen.
Elora and the Trylle inside the ballroom manage to quell the Vittra threat and the three return inside. Finn and Wendy reunite, until Elora informs Wendy that Finn has left, having been transferred once more. Wendy reacts angrily and uses her persuasive powers on Rhys to get him to drive her home to Matt and Maggie, his biological family.


Book Rating: ★★★
This book was alright. I felt that this book was easy to read and that the author is an amateur. It lacks that appeal that professional writers use in their books. I would recommend this book to teens because of the use of language and focus on romance.

Character List

From Wiki
Wendy: Narrator of the series. The Trylle "Princess". She lived with her brother (Matt) and Aunt Maggie after her mother, Kim, tried to kill her at the age of six. The first chapter starts the book eleven years later. Wendy was kicked out of countless schools for violence. At the start of the book she has just moved to a new town and new school. She promises that she is trying to do better and makes friends Patrick and Finn. She develops feeling for Finn, the newest boy to the school, who is constantly staring at her. He is the one who takes her away to the Trylle town, Forening. Her biological mother is the Trylle "Queen", Elora.
Matt: Wendy's older "host" brother. He named her when she was born as her mother wouldn't.
Finn: Wendy's tracker and bodyguard. She has feelings for him which he seems to return throughout the book.
Elora: Wendy's mother. Queen of the Trylle.
Willa: Wendy's friend in the Trylle town.
Tove: A Markis.
Kim: Matt's mother, put away in a mental institution because she tried to kill Wendy.
Rhys: Kim's real son, Matt's real brother. Taken in place of Wendy. Called a "Mänks".
Maggie: Matt's and Rhys' aunt. Wendy's "host" aunt.
Rhiannon: Like Rhys, a Mänks, but she is Willa's mänkslig.

For more details, visit the Amanda Hocking Blog.

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The Exiled Queen by Cinda Chima


From The Exiled Queen: Haunted by the loss of his mother and sister, Han Alister journeys south to begin his schooling at Mystwerk House in Oden's Ford. But leaving the Fells doesn't mean he's left danger far behind. Han is hunted every step of the way by the Bayars, a powerful wizarding family set on reclaiming the amulet Han stole from them. And Mystwerk House has dangers of its own. There, Han meets Crow, a mysterious wizard who agrees to tutor Han in the darker parts of sorcery-but the bargain they make is one Han may regret.

Meanwhile, Princess Raisa ana'Marianna runs from a forced marriage in the Fells, accompanied by her friend Amon and his triple of cadets. Now the safest place for Raisa is Wein House, the military academy at Oden's Ford. If Raisa can pass as a regular student, Wein House will offer both sanctuary and the education she needs to succeed as the next Gray Wolf queen.

Everything changes when Han's and Raisa's paths cross, in this epic tale of uncertain friendship, cutthroat politics, and the irresistible power of attraction.

WARNING!: Spoilers ahead!

Extended Summary: Gillen, who is posted at Westgate, is visited by Micah. He ordered Gillen to send soldiers to go to the Demonai Camp to see if Raisa, the princess heir, is hiding out there. If the princess is found and is brought back to Micah, Gillen would be richly rewarded. Because of this Gillen agreed to send the soldiers.

Han and Dancer, who are both part wizard, are traveling to Oden's Ford. They reach a village where they run into the Queen's Guard that are searching for the missing princess heir. Fiona, Micah's sister, saw through Han's disguise and, with the help of others, tried to capture the two traveling companions. Han unintentionally used a hex, revealing to Fiona that he was a wizard. Despite the large group trying to capture them, the two traveling companions are able to escape.

Meanwhile, Raisa is traveling with Amon and the others in his triple of nine. She shared a tent with Amon and two others, but Amon switched tents with someone else after Raisa had accidentally rolled on top of him. She had awoken to see Amon in great pain. Ever since then, Amon had left the camp during the day, making Raisa wonder what he was doing. She snuck away from camp and found Amon practicing sticking, an art of fighting he learned at his time at Wien House. Raisa asked him to teach her sticking, which he does and ends up kissing her. Like before, he appeared to be in great pain. Then, Sloat and other members of the Guard, who were on their way to investigate the Demonai Camp appeared, and tried to take Raisa. However, Reid Nightwalker, Digging Bird, and other Demonai warriors shoot and kill the Guard, saving the day.

Han and Dancer stop in at a tavern for the night. They eat a meal and Dancer goes up to their room. While drinking cider, he watched a man named Boudreaux cheat at cards. Boudreaux demanded money that he "won" from his female opponent, but she wouldn't pay up. Han realized with surprise that the lady was Cat, the member of the Raggers that had replaced him as street lord. To help her out, Han played the man and won enough money to pay off Cat's debt, plus more. He asked Cat later what she was doing away from Ragmarket, and she told him that all the other Raggers have disappeared or died. Speaker Jemson paid her way to a temple in Oden's Ford, but she changed her mind on going. She asked to travel with Han and Dancer, but stormed away when she heard that they were going to Oden's Ford too.

Raisa and company reach the Dyrnnewater Cascades.  They climb down a cliff face, and the next day, they find Rivertown in ruins. While walking, Hallie disappeared. Garret, Talia, Raisa, and Amon made camp while the rest went out to find Hallie. They did not return, and, after they went to scout the area, Garret and Talia also went missing. Amon suspected it was the Waterwalkers' doing, so he asked for a parley. A man named Dimitri and his two counselors, Adoni and Leili, appear. They explained that Dyrnnewater was full of poisons. Even after they complained to the queen, nothing was done. Because the fish could not be eaten, raiders took food from the Fells and Tamron. In response, soldiers attacked Rivertown and many lives were lost. Because of the number of deaths, they planned to kill Amon, Raisa, and the others. However, Raisa talked the Walkterwalkers out of that idea and, in exchange for letting them live, Amon would take Dimitri's grievances to his father and the queen. Dimitri agreed to this and asked his counselors to leave him. Once alone, Dimitri mentioned the run away princess heir. Raisa gave him a scarf that had the emblem of the princess heir. "'Once the princess returned to Fellsmarch, you can use it as a token. If you ever need her help, or need to get a message to her, send this scarf along with the messenger, and I guarantee you will be heard'"(119). He gave Raisa his staff to send to the princess heir (which is actually Raisa herself). The other cadets are reunited with them, and they all leave.

Han and Dancer stop in at an inn where they saw a group of soldiers (with one leaking magic), a veiled Malthusian sister (part of the Church Malthus, a church that did not think highly of wizards), and a Malthusian priest. The priest looked at them through his spectacles and began calling them sinners. Marin Karn, the solider that was leaking magic, shooed the priest away and bought them some cider. After drinking it, Han realized too late that it was drugged with turtleweed.

They awake in a strange room without their amulets. Marin Karn, the priest, and Gerard Montaigne walk in. They debated on what to do with the uneducated wizards. In the end, Montaigne ordered Karn to kill time. Karn is left alone with them, and Han is able to trick him into releasing him. Han obtained his amulet and, with the help of Cat (who had been watching them in disguise of the Mathusian sister), they are able to escape. Because Dancer lost his amulet in the commotion, Han gave him his Lone Hunter amulet. Cat realized that they were both serious about going to Oden's Ford and decided to join them in their journey there.

Raisa and company reached Wien House where Master Askell requested to see Raisa. They speak about the special privileges that, unknown to Raisa, Edon Byrne requested for her. Afterwards, Raisa left his office feeling like she lost any chance of her staying in Wien House. However, she later found out that her special privileges had been approved, and she is allowed to stay in Wien House.

Han and Dancer arrived at Mystwerk House and are assigned to stay in Hamton Hall with Belvins as their dorm master. They escorted Cat to temple school before going to Bridge Street to eat. When they go to eat at a tavern, they run into Micah and his cousins who were also staying in Hamton Hall. Han stepped in when Micah was trying to force a waitress to get them a table with magic. Han challenged Micah, and they shake on it.

The two wizards go to Gryphon's class where they are instructed to travel to Aediion, a sort of a dreamworld. Han paired up with Dancer, and they travel to Old Woman Creek. Once there, they exhange messages, as instructed by Gryphon. Dancer left, and, before Han can follow, a man named Crow appeared. He requested that Han became his student. If Han were to take Crow up on his offer, he would have to meet him in Aediion at midnight at Mystwerk bell tower.

One day, Han returned to his room to find it trashed. While racing down the stairs, he tripped over a wire. Micah's cousins tried to take his amulet, but Han screamed to get Blevins's attention. The cousins are scared away and Han is sent to the healer. Afterwards, Abelard (the dean of Mystwerk House) called Han to her office. She asked him to join her special study group of students. If he declined the offer, he would be expelled because he was a criminal. He agreed, but under the condition that he is under the dean's protection. Later on, Han decided to meet Crow in Aediion. When he arrived, Crow fooled around with him for a while before teaching him a spell to solve Han's burglar problem. Later on in the story, Blevins informed Han that the Bayars had to move out of their dorms because of a sudden rodent problem.

Han attended the first meeting for Abelard's group. Hadron, one of the members of the group, presented his topic, the existence of the Armory of the Gifted Kings. The Armory was a vast collection of magical pieces and weapons. "Han looked up form his notes-taking to see Fiona, head down, hand flying across the page. Micah...seemed transfixed, his...eyes focused on Hadron, his face pale and intent...was it possible that they didn't know where it was either...Maybe Han could beat them to it"(327). Abelard later told Han to be ready to present the topic of traveling to Aediion to the group.

Raisa, noticing that he had become less available, decided to wait for Amon in the common room. When he came downstairs, he is dressed up. He told her that he was busy and left. She decided to follow him and saw him with a girl in a parlor of the Temple School. Amon suddenly turned and looked at her, making her run away. Cat intercepted her and questioned her, but Raisa was able to get away from her. Afterward, Amon explained to her that his father had matched him with Annamaya (the girl he was with) and that Raisa and Amon couldn't be together because the bond that had been formed between them.

Cat told Han that she saw Rebecca (aka Raisa). This made Han want to meet her. He ran into her on solstice eve and asked her to tutor him to be more like a blueblood. She agreed to meet him in an upstairs room at Turtle and Fish on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Han introduced traveling to Aediion to the study group. They all go to Aediion, only for Crow to arrive. Crow tried to kill Micah and Fiona Bayar, but failed because he could not actually do magic on his own.

Raisa fell asleep in the library, only to be awoke by an assassin who claimed to be named Corporal Rivers. She killed him in self defense only to run into Micah Bayar. He offered to either deliver her downstairs to the other three assassins sent by his father or to take her back to Fells and marry her. She chose to marry him and Micah drugged her with turtle weed. Meanwhile, Digging Bird (renamed Night Bird) visited Han to deliver the message that he is needed back at home to protect the princess heir and fight against the Wizard Council. Han grudgingly agreed to return.

Raisa awoke to find that she was riding on horse to Fells with Micah, Fiona, the cousins, and Wil. They are suddenly taken captive by Ardenine soliders, only for Tamron cavalry to attack the soldiers. During the commission, Raisa is able to escape on Fiona's horse.

Like the first, the book ended with both characters heading in the same direction, only this time, they are heading home.


Book Rating: ★★★
Besides the fact that I got really tired of writing this summary, I really enjoyed reading this book. It may not be my favorite book of all time, but I love how Chima made each scene very interesting.

Character List
In order of appearance, new characters only

.Robbie Sloat: Gillen's duty officer
.Mace Boudreaux: the cheater at cards
.Barlow: line solider at Westgate
.Dimitri: Lord of Waterwalkers
.Adoni and Leili: counselors of Dimitri
.Father Fossnaught: Malthusian priest
.Marin Karn: gifted solider
.Taim Askell: dean of Wien House
. Pearlie: Talia's girlfriend
.Timis Hadron: a proficient
.Dilbert Blevins: dorm master
.Annamaya Dubai: a Temple student
.Rutha: the server was hurt by Micah
.Max: a provost guard
.Adam Gryphon: teacher of spell casting to newlines
.Crow: Han's tutor in Aediion
.Mordra deVilliers: young proficient
.Henri Tourant: proficient, Raisa's teacher
.Master Leontus: middle aged gifted healer
.Abelard: dean of Mystwerk House

For more details, visit the Cinda William Chima website

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The Demon King by Cinda Chima


From the Demon King: Times are hard in the mountain city of Fellsmarch, Reformed thief Han Alister will do almost anything to eke out a living for his family. The only thing of value he has is something he can't sell—the thick silver cuffs he's worn since birth. They're clearly magicked—as he grows, they grow, and he's nev been able to get them off.

One day Han and host clan friend, Dancer, confront three young wizards setting fire to sacred mountain Hanalea. Han takes an amulet from Micah Bayar, son of the High Wizard, to keep him form using it against them. Soon Han learns that the amulet has some evil history—it once belonged to the Demon King, the wizard who nearly destroyed the world a millennium ago. With a magical piece at a stake, Han knows that the Bayars will stop at nothing to get it back.

Meanwhile, Raisa ana'Marianna, princess heir of the Fells, has her own battles to fight. She's just returned to court after three years of freedom in the mountains—riding, hunting, and working the famous clan markets. Raisa wants to be more than an ornament in a glittering cage. She aspires to be more like Hanalea—the legendary warrior queen who killed the Demon King and saved the world. But her mother has other plans for her—including marriage to a suitor who goes against everything the queendom stands for.

WARNING: Spoilers are ahead!

Extended Summary: During his encounter with the three wizards, Han told them that his name was Shiv, and he order Micah to leave the amulet behind. Micah complies and leaves. After Han and Dancer arrive back at Marisa Pine Camp, Digging Bird, Dancer's cousin, told Han that she was considering becoming a Demonai as her vocation. He showed his approval of her choice, gets a kiss, and is left alone.

While Raisa is out hunting with her mother, Queen Marianna and others, they run into a "wild fire." Gavan Bayar, the High Wizard, Micah, Miphis, and Arkeda lead the group to safety and are pronounced heroes that the feast that evening. Unknown to most, the latter three were the one's who set the fire off in the first place and were not able to put it out due to the loss of the amulet. Amon Bryne, Captain Bryne's son, arrived back from Oden's Ford after three years and is assigned on a temporary assignment to the Queen's Guard. Raisa left the dining room and told Amon to meet her in the garden.

On his way toward Vale, Han visited Lucius Frowsley, a blind man. Han gave Lucius the amulet, and he identified it as the amulet of the Waterlows. Lucius told Han the story of the Waterlows and how Hanalea, a famous warrior queen, ran away with Alger, wizard heir to the Waterlow house, and got married. The council was unhappy with Alger's actions and killed him. Unfortunately, his death released a destructive power that led to the Breaking. Hanalea had to negotiate with the clans to heal the world. The clans obliged, but, in return, the Naeming was created. Wizards were forbidden from marrying the queens to avoid wizards from obtaining too much power and were not allowed to enter the Spirits. Han soon realized that the story was a different version of the story of the Demon King, who is actually Alger. In the story of the Demon King, Alger was the bad guy; he captured Hanalea and tried to make her love him by using dark magic. Because he had heard the latter version all his life, Han had a hard time believing Lucius's.

Raisa met with Amon in the glass garden with Magret, her nurse, in tow. Margret fell asleep on a bench, and Raisa took the opportunity to show him a secret passage to her room. As they walk through the tunnel, Amon expressed his concern of her safety and order her to board it up. While exiting her room, they run into a drunk Micah. Micah was suspicious about why Amon was in her room, but was escorted away before he could question Raisa.

Han spoke to Matieu, the owner of The Keg and Crown, who told him that six Southies were killed the other night. Many suspected that Han was the murderer because of his former reputation of being street lord of the Raggers. Gillen, a member of the Guard, injured and captured Han. However, Han was able to make his escape via river.

After having a disturbing conversation about last nights events with her mother, Raisa fleed to the roof of the glass house. Elena found her there and gave her the Running Wolves ring, which once belong to Hanalea, on a chain. She said that it would protect her from wizard charms and to wear it, which Raisa does. Amon and Raisa met up again, and Raisa composed a plan to see how the public acted when royalty isn't around. Amon reluctantly agreed, but insisted that she went under protection.

Han made his way to Southbridge Temple where Speaker Jemson was. Jemson fetched Willo, who had been visiting Fellsmarch, and had her tend to his wounds. Before Han fell asleep, he thought he saw Dancer run into his room in flames. When he awakes, Willo and Dancer had left, but left him some red-brown hair dye to make him less recognizable as the street lord of the Raggers.

Raisa stole clothes from the palace laundry and renames herself temporarily as Rebecca Morley. Under the protection of Amon and the Cadets in his triple, (who are also known as the Gray Wolves and were informed that "Rebecca" is Amon's sister), Raisa got to view a much dirtier was of life. She arrived at Southbridge Temple where she ran into her father and, later, Han. Amon recognized Han as the boy who escaped Gillen's capture, and, to protect himself, Han took Raisa captive. He locked the others into the temple and brought Raisa into his "secret hideout." The next morning, Raisa tried to sneak away, but the Raggers cornered her. Han had followed her and came to the rescue. He learned from Cat, the new street lord of the Raggers, that some of the Raggers were captured by the Guard in hopes that they would tell them where Han was. Han promised that he would help spring them from the prison before he left with Raisa.

Meanwhile, Amon explained to his dad about what had happened. Captain Byrne insisted that word of her capture must not get out and made Raisa's father tell the queen that Raisa was spending some time at the Demonai Camp for a pre-naming ceremony. Then, Amon heared a commotion in the guard house where he found Raisa and the prisoners holding an unconscious Gillen captive down in the prison. Raisa had decided to help the Raggers escape, thus the reason why she was in the guard house in the first place. Amon helped her finish the deed by releasing the prisoners in an allyway out of sight of the rest of the Guard.

Because the Guard continued to look for him, Han decided to fake his death and hide away in Maria Pine Camp. On the way, he ran into three monsters who claim that they were looking for a person name Shiv. When they try to harm him with magic, the magic is sucked away into Han's silver cuffs, and Han is able to make his escape. On the name day celebration for those born in the summer, Digging Bird is apprenticed to the Demonai warriror, and it is discovered that Dancer is actually part wizard. He is to be sent to Oden's Ford to be trained and be used on the clan's behalf.

Raisa's father visited her in her room to tell her that he and Captain Byrne were going to Chalk Cliffs under the Queen's orders. He promised to be back in time for her name day celebration and left. Later on, Captain Byrne spoke to Amon about becoming Captain of the Guard, a role that only Byrnes have had since Hanalea's time, and he informed him that Amon had been selected to be the next. He warned Amon that there would be a bond that formed between him and the princess heir, one that could not be undone. Nevertheless, Amon accepted the position and went through the ceremony to become captain.

Han returned home to find that Mari had caught the fever that many caught in the summer time. He thought that it was because of the bad luck that he had been getting from the amulet and went to Taz Mackney, a vendor of exotic items, to see if he could find a person interested in the amulet. While this is happening, Raisa was at her name day celebration without her dad, who still had not returned from his trip. Micah approached her and told her that the Queen requested her audience. Raisa went into her mother's room to find Lord Bayar, Fiona, and her mother. Her mother informed her that she was to be married at that moment to Micah, despite the fact that their marriage would be forbidden. Certain the Lord Bayar had a hand in this decision, Raisa became frantic and tried to convince her mother to postpone the marriage until her father returned. Micah tried to cast a spell on Raisa to calm her, but the magic got sucked up by the ring she got from Elena. She  pretended to be in a trance and was able to convince her mother to let her get her rose necklace from her chambers.

Once in her own chambers, she told Magret of her situation. Magret revealed that she was a member of Hanalea's Maidens, an organization of woman dedicated to the warrior queen's memory. Magret helped her make her escape to Amon, who was posted guard on the other end of Raisa's secret tunnel. They go to the stables where they find their fathers returning from their trip. Together, the form a plan to help Raisa escape to Oden's Ford with Amon and the Gray Wolves.

A few days later, Han returned to Taz to see if he found a buyer for the amulet. Taz did, but it was the High Wizard himself. Taz is killed and Han barley escaped. He rushed home, only to find it in flames. The Guard had set it on fire after searching for the amulet. After the fire is out, he found his mother's and sister's body, burnt to a crisp. He took his mother's locket, his sister's books, and the amulet to Marisa Pine with him. Willo, Elena, Lucius, Averill, and Dancer meet with him and reveal that Han is a desendant of the Demon King. The cuffs had been put on by Elena herself to take in his magic. He had a choice; either leave them on and train with Willo or remove the cuffs and go with Dancer to Oden's Ford to become a wizard on the clan's behalf. He chose the latter, and Elena broke the cuffs off of his wrists, making Han flame up in magic.

In the end, both of the protagonists leave Fells, away from the life they knew, and into a new one.


Book Rating: ★★★
You just have to love Cinda Chima's writing style. There is just enough detail for the reader to be able to picture the scene, yet not an overwhelming amount that can bore many. However, at times, I felt that this book was just an introduction for the story to come; an appetizer for the main course. Readers should be aware that there are multiple books in the series, so plan on reading more than The Demon King. If I had the correct symbols, I would actually rate this book four and three-fourth stars. I would recommend this book to those ages 12+.

Character List

In order of appearance:

  • Han Alister: also known as Cuffs Alister and Hunts Alone. 16 years old and a former streetlord of the Raggers. His sister is Mari and is a descendant from the Demon King, Alger Waterlow
  • Fire Dancer: Han's friend and Willo's son. He lives at Marisa Pines Camp and is part wizard.
  • Micah Bayar: Son of the High Wizard
  • Miphis Mander: Micah's cousin
  • Arkeda Mander: Micah's cousin
  • Raisa ana'Marianna: princess heir, almost 16 years old. Also goes by Rebecca Morley
  • Queen Marianna: mother of Raisa, current Queen, married to Averill Lightfoot Demonai
  • Lord Gavan Bayar: Micah's father, High Wizard
  • Mellony: Raisa's sister
  • Captain Edon Byrne: Captain of the Queen's Guard and father of Amon
  • Digging Bird: Dancer's cousin 
  • Willow: Dancer's mom, Matriarch of Marisa Pines
  • Magret Gray: Raisa's nurse, member of Hanalea's Maidens
  • Elena Demonai: Matriarch of Demonai Camp, Raisa's grandma
  • Wil Mathis: 18 years old, wizard heir to Fortress Rock
  • Adam Gryphon: in a wheelchair, heir to powerful wizard house
  • Jon Hakkam: Raisa's cousin, Melissa's brother
  • Melissa Hakkam: Raisa's cousin, Jon's sister
  • Kip Klemath: brother of Keith
  • Keith Klemath: brother of Kip
  • Fiona: sister of Micah
  • Amon Byrne: Byrne's oldest son
  • Harriman Vega: wizard and court physician
  • Lucius Frowsley: lives in a cabin by Old Woman Creek, blind, and has a dog named Dog
  • Matieu: tavern keeper
  • Shiv: leader of the Southies
  • Mari: Han's sister
  • Mum: Han's mom
  • Jemson: Han's old teacher
  • Mac Gillen: a strongly disliked member of the Guard
  • Dori: a "white-robed" dedicate
  • Mandy Bulkleign: Mistress of the Kitchen
  • Hallie Talbot: one of the Gray Wolves
  • Garret: one of the Gray Wolves
  • Mick: one of the Gray Wolves
  • Keifer: one of the Gray Wolves
  • Talia: one of the Gray Wolves
  • Wode: one of the Gray Wolves
  • Averill Lightfoot: Raisa's dad
  • Cat: one of the Raggers, currently the street lord
  • Velvet: one of the Raggers
  • Jonas: one of the Raggers
  • Flinn: one of the Raggers that was captured
  • Jed: one of the Raggers that was captured
  • Sarie: one of the Raggers captured by the Guard
  • Lady Amalie Heresford: Thanelee of Heresford in Arden
  • Marina Tomlin: Princess of Tamron
  • Liam Tomlin: Prince of Tamron
  • Iron Hammer: a blacksmith
  • Laurel Blossom/Flame Shapper: Hammer's new apprentice
  • Oak Weaver: new apprentice after the naming ceremony at Marisa Pines
  • Tale Spinner: See "Oak Weaver"
  • Silver Bird: See "Oak Weaver"
  • Reid Nightwalker: Demonai warrior
  • Shilo: Demonai warrior
  • Prince Gerard Montaigne: Appears at Raisa's name day celebration and is one of her suitors
  • Taz Mackney: A prosperous vendor of exotic items. He is killed by Gavan Bayar.

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